The Mains Smokie
The Summit smoke detection
system offers the deaf and
hard of hearing the same
vital early warning the the
standard smoke detector offers
the hearing community.
The Vibrating Pillow Pad
The Vibrating Pillow Pad
used in conjunction with
smoke alarms gives vital
early warning in the
event of fire.
The Battery Smokie
When battery Smokie detector senses
smoke both the flashing light and
vibrating disc pillow pad will
operate giving vital early warning
in the event of a fire.
The T.A.M.
The Tactile Acoustic Montior
(T.A.M.) A lighweight wrist worn
sound monitor for profoundly
deaf people.
The Vibrating Clock
The Vib Alarm Clock. A digital
alarm clock that gently wakes
you up without waking your
sleeping partner.
The Sentinel
The Sentinel, All the security
of being reliably alerted to
the important every day sounds.

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